Adventure in Tunisia

When I heard of the Arab Spring, I thought they were referring to the beautiful spring weather in the region, so I booked Continental miles I had earned from the Chase Continental MasterCard.  I then find out mid-flight it was referring to the revolution and ouster of the last president.  I was freaking out!...Well, ok..thats not really the story, but it would be funny if it was..... I wanted to experience a new destination and put a new stamp in my passport, so what better way to do it, than to see another North African country, that boasts great weather and very nice people.....and of course, I have no regrets. Enjoy the pictorial blog of Tunisia!

Landing at TUN from Turkish Airlines 661

Our host family's residence where we stayed (top left on roof)

Ancient city of Carthage

Stability---still on the menu.

My trusty guide and great friend, who made it all possible

Former British Embassy

The former President, who is no more than just a wall marking now

delicious cactus fruit served fresh

Corinthian columns and designs everywhere

A 35x zoom from 3 cars behind yields this soldier blowing his last puff of his Marlboro

Sidi Bou Said boasts beautiful blue 

Any name of Ben-Ali has been removed from everything.

The Ben-Ali Mosque, built by him, for him, now renamed-The Peoples Mosque

No expense was spared

They got the right idea

Leblabi stand--A Tunisian Chick-Pea soup

The amphitheater at Carthage, still being used

Remains of the ancient city of Carthage

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Mohamed Fakhreddine Ben Slama said...

Nice blog brother. We're waiting for you to come back. Next time nchallah we'll visit other regions of Tunisia. Maybe after my next trip to the USA ;-)